HR-Employment Refresher

The HR-Employment Refresher Training Library includes refresher courses to retrain those employees who have already been through our full HR-Employment Training. These courses are all less than 10 minutes and cover the high points in topics ranging from ethics and diversity to sexual harassment and substance abuse.

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Americans with Disabilities Act: What Supervisors Need to Know

Americans with Disabilities Act: What Supervisors Need to Know (Refresher)

Business Ethics for Employees: Refresher

Coaching for Superior Employee Performance: Techniques for Supervisors

Communication Skills for Employees (Refresher)

Diversity for Employees: Refresher

HIPAA: Your Obligations Under the Privacy Rule (Refresher)

How to Prevent and Respond to Bullying at Work: Refresher

New Employee Safety Orientation: Refresher

Organizing and Planning for Success: What Employees Need to Know (Refresher)

Preventing Workplace Violence for Employees: Refresher

Sexual Harassment for Employees: Refresher

Substance Abuse for Employees: Refresher

Title IX for Higher Education (Refresher)

Workplace Harassment for Employees: Refresher