Understanding Product Features and Benefits

Course Description:

Features and benefits (FAB)—pretty easy, right? Well, there’s a lot adding sizzle to the steak. This course helps you understand the relationship between features and benefits, identify the differences between features and benefits, and understand how to sell effectively using FAB sales technique.

Course Duration: 17 minutes

Why “Understanding Product Features and Benefits” Matters:

Selling features is the default setting for many salespeople, and their results suffer because of it.

Understanding features vs. benefits is key to getting inside the prospect’s mind and overcoming objections.

Selling benefits transforms the sales call into a relationship development process.

Key Points:

  • How features describe, but benefits sell.
  • How to demonstrate need using benefits.
  • How to create features-benefits work sheets for your products.
  • How to tailor your benefits pitch to different prospects.
  • Making use of the F.A.B. sales technique.
  • How to write features, advantages, and benefits statements to build your F.A.B. presentation.

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