Setting Sales Goals

Course Description:

Effective sales goals can enhance the success of any salesperson. This course explains the purpose of sales goals and how to plan efficiently to achieve them. You and your team will learn how to set effective goals for sales calls, allocate resources efficiently to maximize goal achievement, and set challenging but appropriate goals to grow your sales career.

Course Duration: 28 minutes

Why “Setting Sales Goals” Matters:

  • Setting a sales goal is complicated, and must be done carefully.
  • Unattainable sales goals can have a crushing effect on a sales team, and do lasting damage.
  • Properly developed and implemented, a sales goal program can transform your organization.

Key Points:

  • How to use goals to provide direction and motivation to make sales and grow your career
  • How to allocate resources to maximize success through clear and challenging goals
  • Making goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely
  • Keys to setting realistic goals

A Complete Training Solution:

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