Identifying Customer Needs: A Guide for Sales

Course Description:

Want to better identify customer needs? By the time the session is over, you’ll understand the difference between needs and wants and how each affects the sale. Plus, you’ll learn how to recognize different types of needs, identify key decisions customers make during the sales process, focus your presentation to gain information about customer needs and wants, ask the right questions to uncover needs and wants, and identify those that are hidden or unmet.

Course Duration: 25 minutes

Why “Identifying Customer Needs: A Guide for Sales” Matters:

The psychology of a prospect’s decision making and motivation has a profound influence on a sales professional’s success rate.

Adapting the message to meet the motivation can dramatically improve results.

All sales activities come down to differentiating between wants and needs and finding the approach that works.

Key Points:

  • Customers determine what they need and want, and it’s your job to meet both.
  • If you can’t successfully identify needs and link your products or services to them, you won’t make the sale.
  • When you can show customers that they need as well as want your product or service—when you can bring emotions into play—the customer will soon be convinced that a buying decision is the right decision.

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