Handling Objections

Course Description:

Improve the way you handle sales objections. This course helps users understand why customers object, recognize different types of objections, and handle objections successfully.

Course Duration: 24 minutes

Why “Handling Objections” Matters:

A sales call will grind to a quick halt if you aren’t prepared to accept, process, and turn your prospect’s objections into a reason for closing the deal. The ability to handle a sales objection separates the also-rans from the top producers, so you have to know how to respond.

Key Points:

  • Objections are a normal part of the sales process and are to be expected, not feared or avoided.
  • Objections are really opportunities in disguise.
  • Prepare for handling objections.
  • Use objections to address customer concerns and answer questions.
  • How successful salespeople welcome objections and turn them to their advantage.

A Complete Training Solution:

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