Consultative Sales Techniques

Course Description:

No one likes to be sold. And that defensiveness can discourage even the most seasoned sales professional. That’s where consultative sales comes in. This session explains how to shift from a traditional sales approach to a consultative sales approach. You’ll learn how to define consultative sales, recognize the differences between consultative and traditional sales techniques, use research to fill your pipeline, emotionally connect with your prospect, make cold calls more rewarding, craft effective sales presentations, and maintain a consultative sales relationship for the long haul.

Course Duration: 24 minutes

Why “Consultative Sales Techniques” Matters:

Consultative sales approaches can break down sales barriers.

Relationships developed through consultative sales techniques can generate long-term revenue.

Consultative sales focus on customer needs to more closely align them with products and services.

Key Points:

  • Consultative sales are about relationships.
  • Research is critically important.
  • Share a dialogue with clients.
  • Know the features and benefits of your solution.
  • You serve as an expert consultant.
  • Follow up on each sale to ensure customer satisfaction and preserve the sales relationship.

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