Closing Sales Techniques

Course Description:

In the film Glengarry Glen Ross, a top salesman,played by actor Alec Baldwin, is sent to a remote office to shake up the salesforce. “ABC—Always be closing,” he tells them. Among other things.

Good advice,but not always so easy to put in practice. The problems come when the sales professional either can’t get over the psychological hump of asking for the sale, can’t drive to a close in a way that benefits the prospect, or fails to close in a way that leads to a long-term, win-win relationship between your organization and your customer.

This course teaches your sales team how to define closing, recognize and respond effectively to buying signals, use trial closes successfully, choose the right closing technique for each sales interaction, make the most of customer interactions that don’t result in a sale, avoid common closing mistakes, and follow up effectively to preserve the sales relationship.

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Why “Closing Sales Techniques” Matters:

Your sales team can’t win without knowing how to close.

Sales professionals, without great lead generation and listening and benefit communication techniques, have an incomplete skill set.

The wrong closing technique may book a sale, but it may kill chances for repeat business.

Great closing techniques lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship and residual revenue.

Key Points:

  • Closing is the ultimate goal of every sale.
  • How to recognize and capitalize on buying signals.
  • How trial closes, used early and often during the sales process, yield more results.
  • How to employ a variety of closing techniques depending on the customer’s response and the nature of the interaction.
  • How to react if the customer is still not ready to buy.
  • How to follow up on each sale to ensure customer satisfaction and preserve the sales relationship.

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