Remote Worker Training Sup/Emp 

The Remote Workers library covers important guidelines and recommendations for navigating working remotely as a supervisor and employee. Remote personnel work from home or outside of a traditional office environment in some other way. Whether this is a long-standing practice or a new way of conducting business, you will learn how to keep open lines of communication, set clear goals and expectations, and use teleconferencing technology. These courses are designed to help you stay connected, avoid feeling isolated, and maintain productivity—all while working remotely.

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All About Nutrition

Business Writing for Supervisors and Managers

Business Writing Skills for Employees

Change Management for Supervisors

Change: What Employees Need to Know

Communicating in a Global Workplace

Communication Skills for Employees

Cyber Security for Remote Workers

E-Mail Best Practices for All Employees

Ergonomics and Other Wellness Tips for Remote Workers

Fitness for Everyone

Healthy Sleep Habits

How to Manage Time Wisely: A Guide for Employees

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Organizing and Planning for Success: What Employees Need to Know

Planning and Organizing Skills for Supervisors

Sexual Harassment in the Digital Age

Stress Management

Teambuilding for Employees

Teambuilding for Supervisors

Telecommuting and Other Alternative Work Arrangements for Employees

Telecommuting and Other Alternative Work Arrangements for Supervisors

Telephone Etiquette

The Art of Listening for Enhanced Communication

Time Management for Supervisors

Virtual Meetings: Etiquette and Effectiveness

Wellness and You