Workplace Safety for Employees: Refresher

Course Description:

This refresher course will give you the main points to remember about workplace safety. For more complete information, be sure to take the full-length course.

Course Duration: 7 minutes

Why “Workplace Safety for Employees: Refresher” Matters:

The human cost of accidents is of paramount concern to us all. Every 5 seconds, an American worker is injured or becomes ill on the job. That translates to 18,000 injuries a day, over 125,000 a week, and upwards of 6 million a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The economic cost of workplace accidents is also high—over $100 billion annually. These costs are the result of such things as lost productivity in the form of millions of lost work hours; workers’ compensation claims and increased insurance premiums; damage to equipment, buildings, and vehicles; overtime to cover for disabled workers; and training expenses for replacement workers.

Furthermore, keeping employees safe keeps them on the job, and that’s a good thing for everyone. When we work together to create a safer place to work, we’re all more productive and satisfied with our jobs.

Key Points:

  • Workplace safety is a top priority;
  • Company policies and rules must be followed; and
  • You play a key role in promoting workplace safety and health, and we need you to be actively involved in all our safety programs.

A Complete Training Solution:

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