Working Safely with Corrosives

Course Description:

This session covers corrosive materials. Corrosives are hazardous materials that can cause serious health problems if you fail to take proper precautions. Corrosives can also be safety hazards. Some are flammable and others can cause explosive reactions. Strong corrosives can react with all kinds of materials—even metal. All corrosives share a common chemical property—they degrade other materials due to their aggressive nature. To prevent accidents and injuries, you need to know how to work safely with corrosives.

Course Duration: 29 minutes

Why “Working Safely with Corrosives” Matters:

  • Being able to identify corrosive hazards reduces the risk of damage caused by corrosives.
  • Finding hazard and protection information keeps you prepared to face a corrosive emergency.Knowing how to select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures your safety when handling corrosive chemicals.

    Knowing how to store, handle, and dispense corrosives safely ensures your personal safety and the safety of those around you.

  • If you are working with corrosive chemicals, you must know how to respond to emergencies involving corrosives and corrosive waste.
  • If you are working with corrosive chemicals, you must know how to dispose of corrosive waste properly.

Key Points:

  • Learn about the hazards of the corrosives you work with by reading the MSDS and container label.
  • Follow safe storage practices.
  • Use the engineering controls the company has made available.
  • Always wear proper PPE to protect from corrosive hazards.
  • Follow safe work practices when handling and dispensing corrosives.
  • Know the specific first-aid and emergency procedures for the corrosives you work with.

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