Welding and Cutting Safety for Construction Workers (Spanish)

Course Description:

The objectives of this session are to discuss important safety points about welding and cutting. By the end of the session, you will be able to identify the major safety and health hazards, know the different welding processes, select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and implement controls needed to prevent or control fires.

Course Duration: 23 minutes

Why “Welding and Cutting Safety for Construction Workers (Spanish)” Matters:

  • Your employer must ensure proper protection and ventilation to prevent or reduce exposure to hazardous air contaminants.
  • Store gas cylinders safely to reduce the risk of fire or explosion.
  • Shielding and flash screens are important safety considerations for arc welding.

Key Points:

  • The major hazards of welding and cutting include fire, burns, electric shock, and exposure to toxic fumes, gases, and vapors.
  • Follow proper procedures to prevent fires and explosions.
  • Use appropriate engineering controls, such as ventilation, shields, and screens, to protect yourself and others in the area.
  • Finally, wear appropriate PPE such as gloves, safety glasses, helmets, and leathers.

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