Underground Construction Safety

Course Description:

Constructing underground tunnels, shafts, chambers, and passageways exposes workers to many dangers, including reduced visibility, falling rocks and soil, difficult or limited entry and exit in work areas, exposure to air contaminants, and emergencies such as fire and explosion. This module provides workers involved in underground construction work with information about common hazards and safe work practices to prevent injuries and respond to emergencies.

Course Duration: 27

Key Points:

  • Identify common hazards and unsafe conditions while working in underground construction sites.
  • Recognize the role and basic responsibilities of the competent person at the worksite.
  • Describe engineering controls and safe work practices to avoid hazards and prevent injury.
  • Recall emergency procedures to evacuate workers.
  • Identify what records must be kept on air quality and potentially dangerous exposures that are available to workers during and after a project.