Tracking Credentialing and Training of Healthcare Employees

Course Description:

In this training session on tracking credentialing and training of healthcare employees, we’ll discuss your staff’s training and continuing education responsibilities as they relate to keeping their certifications and licenses current. Then you’ll learn how to keep track of your staff’s credentials by properly collecting, organizing, and verifying them. Duration 18 minutes.

Course Duration: 18 minutes

Why “Tracking Credentialing and Training of Healthcare Employees” Matters:

  • In order to be allowed to continue to practice, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are required to participate in continuing education programs for a certain number of hours every year in order to keep their licenses or certifications.
  • In short, credentialing ensures that those providing critical healthcare service to your patients have the proper credentials.
  • It important for you to require your staff to take continuing education to keep their certifications and licenses for many reasons, which are discussed in this course.
  • Most state licensure boards or certifications require accredited continuing education courses.

Key Points:

  • In order to be privileged to practice, healthcare professionals must participate in continuing education programs.
  • Continuing education programs must meet strict standards for quality.
  • Tracking your staff’s credentials is usually the job of a specialist from your HR department or a special committee.
  • The most secure way to verify a credential is by obtaining it directly from the source that provided the credential.
  • Protecting your patients from incompetent healthcare providers is the main reason your employees must be credentialed.

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