The Power of Listening

Course Description:

Listening effectively to customers plays a powerful role in successful customer service and customer retention. The objective of this online customer service training course is to give customer service and call center representatives the basic skills they need to become good listeners. At the end of this training course, trainees will be able to understand the benefits of active listening; to identify feelings, attitudes, and unspoken needs underlying customers’ words; to overcome listening obstacles; and to use listening skills for outstanding customer care.

Course Duration: 21 minutes

Why “The Power of Listening” Matters:

Listening is not only a natural human function but also a skill that can be improved through training and practice.

Research suggests people spend more time listening at work than other activities such as talking, reading, or writing.

Listening allows customer service representatives to obtain essential information from customers and identify their problems and complaints.

Customer service representatives with good listening skills are likely to help their employers head off conflicts and avoid legal trouble and costly lawsuits brought by angry, dissatisfied customers.

Customer service representatives can learn about ways to improve their organization and its products through listening to feedback from customers.

Key Points:

  • Listening is a very important part of any job.
  • With practice and determination listening obstacles can be overcome, and you can become a more effective listener.
  • Active listening requires the use of all senses.
  • The more you listen, the better able you will be to meet and exceed customer expectations.

A Complete Training Solution:

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