Substance Abuse in the Workplace: What Employees Need to Know

Course Description:

Substance abuse creates problems both on and off the job. In the workplace, a substance abuse problem can cause absenteeism, decreased job performance, and serious safety hazards that put the abuser, coworkers, and even customers or the public at risk. Treatment is available and can help-but when left untreated, a substance abuse problem can cause problems for the entire workplace. During this session, we’ll discuss the harmful impact of substance abuse in the workplace. You’ll learn the legal issues regarding workplace substance abuse, how to recognize if you or one of your coworkers may have a problem, as well as what solutions are available to deal with a substance abuse problem.

Course Duration: 15 minutes

Key Points:

At the completion of this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the safety hazards of substance abuse in the workplace
  • Describe the effects of the most commonly abused substances and identify the signs that someone may be under their influence
  • Recognize the business impact of substance abuse
  • Identify and follow the laws and company policies that apply to workplace drug and alcohol use
  • Recognize the signs of a substance abuse problem
  • Take appropriate action if you or a coworker shows signs of substance abuse

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