Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response in Chicago: Bystander Intervention

Course Description:

In this course, we will review the definition of sexual harassment, explain bystander intervention, and offer strategies for intervention. This course will also discuss how you determine when bystander intervention is warranted and how to intervene safely. Harassment and other inappropriate behavior can have a lasting negative effect on those who experience it personally and in the workplace in general. But when bystanders step up and intervene, targets feel supported, potentially harmful situations can be defused, well-intentioned offenders can learn, and aggressors are put on notice that their behavior won’t be tolerated.

Course Duration: 60 minutes

Why “Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response in Chicago: Bystander Intervention” Matters:

  • Determine when bystander intervention is necessary.
  • Identify strategies for bystander intervention.
  • Select the best strategy when choosing to intervene.
  • Recognize unsafe situations.
  • Safely implement your chosen bystander intervention.