Scaffolds in Construction

Course Description:

This session provides basic hazard awareness and safe work practices for workers who use scaffolds to safely perform construction, repair, and maintenance work on structures and for workers who erect, maintain, and disassemble scaffolds. The course covers practices and control measures to protect workers from scaffold-related injuries caused by falls; falling objects; unstable or overloaded scaffolds; electrocution; and slips, trips, and falls on the same level. Note that this session does NOT cover permanent work platforms, aerial lifts, scissor lifts, or lifts suspended from cranes or derricks.

Course Duration: 40 minutes

Why “Scaffolds in Construction” Matters:

  • According to OSHA, 9% of the fatalities in the construction industry each year are related to scaffold use.
  • Approximately 9,750 scaffold-related injuries occur each year in the construction industry.
  • The most common cause of scaffold-related injuries could be attributed to plank slippage. Other common causes of injuries include a support giving way or a worker slipping or being struck by a falling object.
  • Of the scaffolds that involved injuries, 33% did not have the proper guardrails.
  • OSHA found that 25% of the workers installing and using scaffolds did not have training in important topics such as safety requirements for installing work platforms, assembling scaffolds, inspecting scaffolds, and safe practices for working on scaffolds.

Key Points:

  • Inspect the scaffold before each work shift.
  • Properly secure platforms.
  • Do not overload scaffolds.
  • Wear personal fall arrest system.
  • Understand scaffold hazards and follow accident prevention measures.

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