Safe Chemical Handling

Course Description:

We use many different chemicals in the workplace. We need them to produce our products and do our jobs. But often these materials can be hazardous to health and safety unless we take proper precautions when handling them. This session will discuss the steps you can take to safely handle the materials you work with so that you can prevent accidents, injuries, and illness.

Course Duration: 31 minutes

Why “Safe Chemical Handling” Matters:

Recognizing hazards associated with the materials you use reduces the risk of accidents.

Knowing how to find health and safety information about these materials lets you know what to do in case of a chemical emergency.

Understanding the required precautions for handling hazardous chemicals ensures that you’re handling chemicals legally and safely.

Knowing what to do in  a chemical emergency.

Key Points:

  • Most materials can be hazardous in some way.
  • You can avoid injuries and illness if you know how to safely handle all materials.
  • Always wear required personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow established safety procedures.
  • Know what to do in the event of an emergency involving the hazardous/reactive materials.

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