Recruiting for the Healthcare Industry

Course Description:

During this session, we’ll discuss all the aspects of good recruiting practice. In an industry as important as health care, where workers are responsible for caring for others, good recruiting practice is critical. We’ll discuss not only how to find employee prospects but also how to find those who will be the best fit. We’ll also discuss the hiring process on through to getting your new hire on board. Duration 15 minutes.

Course Duration: 15 minutes

Why “Recruiting for the Healthcare Industry” Matters:

  • The competition for quality healthcare employees is fierce.
  • Mining for those employees who will be your gold nuggets of the future is called sourcing.
  • Healthcare organizations of all sizes implement a variety of new processes and procedures to attract the best and brightest new employees and to make sourcing, hiring, and onboarding more effective.
  • Choosing the best candidates from those that you interview may be the most important hiring decision you make.

Key Points:

  • A good recruiting strategy is critical in the healthcare sector, where demand for good employees is accelerating.
  • Remember the characteristics of great healthcare employees, and use them as your guide during your search.
  • Always look for the best all-around fit for your organization.
  • Represent your organization well, and always show your prospects that you care about their future.
  • Take ownership of your organization’s recruitment process—always be involved.

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