Reactive Chemicals

Course Description:

Chemical reactions can be extremely hazardous if they are not thoroughly understood and controlled. When intentional or unintentional reactions get out of control, they can result in fires, explosions, or releases of toxic fumes or gases. You and your coworkers could be injured-or even killed-as a result of an uncontrolled chemical reaction. It’s essential, therefore, that you know how to safely manage reactive chemicals to prevent accidents. This course is intended for employees who may be exposed to reactive chemicals on the job. This course only covers reactive chemicals, and employees exposed to any hazardous chemicals on the job must receive comprehensive hazard communication training. This course is meant to supplement, but not replace, required hazard communication training.

Course Duration: 27 minutes

Why “Reactive Chemicals” Matters:

  • Being able to identify reactive chemical hazards reduces the risk of harmful exposure.
  • Understanding the nature of such chemicals helps you identify a potentially hazardous chemical reaction.
  • Detecting and properly managing chemical hazards in the workplace ensures the safety of everyone in the facility.
  • Knowing how to respond safely to reactivity-related emergencies prevents you from putting yourself or anyone else at risk when facing a chemical emergency.

Key Points:

  • Reactive chemicals and hazardous spills can be extremely dangerous and have to be handled with great care.
  • Be able to identify different types of reactive chemicals in the workplace.
  • PPE is critical to your health when working with reactive chemicals.
  • Follow safe handling and storage procedures.
  • Follow emergency procedures.