Project Risk Management

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to teach you about project risk management and how to identify and plan for risks. In this training module, we will go over what project risk management is, why it is important and, most importantly, how to identify risks.

Course Duration: 15 minutes

Why “Project Risk Management” Matters:

  • While you are doing the risk assessment, the strengths of your project come to light and you can highlight these strengths to others in your company.
  • Project risk management allows you to handle potential risks so you can identify, mitigate, or avoid problems. Also, you can identify low risks versus high risks for your project.
  • When the risk management process is in place, success is more likely by minimizing and eliminating negative risks. Also, by doing this you are able to meet your budget and meet your objectives.
  • After the project is successful, you can use the best practice on your next project. You can capitalize on your company’s strengths and exploit opportunities.

Key Points:

  • Project risk management is the foundation of successful projects.
  • Communication is important for risk analysis. Information should be solicited from the team so everyone understands the project.
  • Risk analysis is key.
  • Project risk management is proactive and continual.

A Complete Training Solution:

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