Project Quality Management

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to teach you about Project Quality Management and how the process works. In this training module we will go over the Project Quality Management process, why it is important, and how to implement the process.

Course Duration: 16 minutes

Why “Project Quality Management” Matters:

  • The ultimate goal of Project Quality Management is to make sure that the project being designed, planned, and implemented meets or exceeds the stakeholders’ needs.
  • It is important that the project team develops a good working relationship with all stakeholders to know stated or implied needs.
  • Project Quality Management is a continuous process that monitors and applies quality steps. Using the system, the team maintains efficiency on the project undertaken and focuses on incremental and continuous improvements for the stakeholders’ needs.
  • Using Project Quality Management, stakeholders work with a project team to ensure that the project stays on track in terms of schedule, scope, and budget.

Key Points:

  • Project Quality Management is important for producing good quality output.
  • Each step in the process is cyclical and repeats.
  • Communication of quality definitions between project team and stakeholder is important to satisfy needs.
  • The process is designed to prevent and detect problems if they arise and create solutions if necessary.

A Complete Training Solution:

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