Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment in Maine: A Guide for Employees

Course Description:

This training course is about preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s an important subject because sexual harassment is a form of illegal discrimination under federal law and the Maine Human Rights Act.

Course Duration: 16 minutes

Why “Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment in Maine: A Guide for Employees” Matters:

Maine state law requires all employers with 15 or more employees adopt a policy against sexual harassment that must include the following provisions:

  • A description and examples of sexual harassment.
  • The complaint process within the organization and to the state Human Rights Commission.
  • A statement of protection against retaliation for having filed a complaint.
    A copy of the policy must be distributed to employees annually. Delivery of the notice must be made in a manner that ensures receipt by all employees, such as attaching the notice to employees’ paychecks.

Key Points:

To ensure that your workplace is free from sexual harassment to create a positive workforce.