Personnel Counseling for Healthcare Workers

Course Description:

During this session, we’ll discuss the pressures of working in the healthcare field, the mental health issues that can arise from those pressures, and the benefits of personnel counseling when it comes to dealing with them. You’ll understand what it takes to build a successful counseling program and then learn a little about stress and how to deal with it. You’ll also learn about making your staff aware of your counseling program before finally learning how to handle staff complaints—along with the importance of ethics in counseling.

Course Duration: 22 minutes

Why “Personnel Counseling for Healthcare Workers” Matters:

  • “Personnel counseling” can be defined as brief psychological therapy for employees of an organization, which is paid for by the employer.
  • There are a number of hurdles that you must overcome when creating a successful personnel counseling program.
  • While healthcare work can be hugely rewarding, it often requires coping with some of the most stressful situations found in any workplace.

Key Points:

  • Healthcare workers deserve a place to go for help dealing with the everyday pressures of their job in the form of personnel counseling.
  • Good counseling can help boost staff morale while lowering costs.
  • Your counseling program must be easily accessible and confidential.
  • Your counselor should be a great listener and completely unbiased.
  • Understanding and managing stress are central to any workplace counseling program.
  • Part of a counselor’s job may involve handling complaints.
  • Ethical behavior is at the heart of every counseling program.

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