Permit-Required Confined Space Rescue for Supervisors

Course Description:

There are, on average, 150 deaths nationally in permit-required confined spaces every year, and in many of those cases, a would-be rescuer was a casualty. This module provides supervisors of permit-required confined spaces with information to help them ensure that rescue services are available and that the means to summon them are operable while entrants are in such a space. The module covers confined space operations in general industry workplaces.

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Key Points:

  • Recognize common permit-required confined space hazards and conditions that trigger rescue and emergency responses.
  • Explain how to plan for the rescue of entrants.
  • Recall the process to evaluate and select rescue and emergency services.
  • Describe the process to verify that rescue and emergency services are available and the means to summon them are operable during an entry.
  • Describe measures to prevent unauthorized personnel from attempting a rescue.

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