Mold Hazards and Prevention

Course Description:

This online safety course will teach employees about the hazards of mold both in the workplace and at home. We will learn how to detect mold, where to find it, the health hazards and symptoms of mold exposure, how to clean up minor mold contamination, and how to prevent mold from growing.

Course Duration: 27 minutes

Why “Mold Hazards and Prevention” Matters:

Large quantities of mold may cause nuisance odors and health problems for some people and large amounts of mold in occupational settings may cause workers to suffer severe reactions.

People with chronic illnesses, such as obstructive lung disease, have the potential for developing mold infections in their lungs.

Key Points:

  • We are all exposed to mold every day outdoors and indoors.
  • Most people are not affected with symptoms from mold, but some might experience health
    problems, such as allergies.
  • The best way to reduce mold growth indoors is to control moisture.
  • Clean up small amounts of mold, but let the professionals handle large-scale contamination.

A Complete Training Solution:

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