Mastering Outlook 365 – Beginner (2024)

Course Description:

Few things have greater impact on your productivity than how you use Outlook. Too many people waste time on unnecessary tasks when they could be taking advantage of the many features embedded in Outlook. This course will help you brush up on your Outlook skills, so you can become more productive while using the basic elements of Outlook.

Course Duration: 38 minutes

Why “Mastering Outlook 365 – Beginner (2024)” Matters:

  • Navigate the Outlook interface
  • Turn the Focused Inbox on and off
  • Access Help options including searching for articles and locating important features
  • Send new emails and add basic formatting
  • Distinguish between the To, CC, and BCC fields
  • Distinguish between Reply, Reply All, and Forward
  • Locate draft messages, sent emails, and deleted emails
  • Navigate and customize the calendar
  • Add appointments to the calendar
  • View and create contacts
  • View and create tasks