Machine Guarding

Course Description:

Machines are at the heart of every industrial operation. They can be extremely dangerous, hundreds of workers are severely injured or killed because of unsafe work practices around machines. This session will cover some of the common hazards and safe work practices of machines, and is intended for operators and maintenance personnel who may be working with or servicing machines.

Course Duration: 14 minutes

Why “Machine Guarding” Matters:

Every year, workers who operate and maintain machinery suffer tens of thousands of amputations, and hundreds die as a result of machine-related accidents.  Failure of machine safeguards and employee ignorance of machine guarding requirements are contributing factors in many of these accidents.  Workplace amputations are one of the most costly workers’ compensation claims.  Many nonfatal machine-related injuries result in extended time away from work, and some injured workers are permanently disabled and can never return to their regular duties.

Key Points:

  • Recognize the hazards of operating and maintaining machinery.
  • Identify the parts of machinery where injuries and accidents frequently occur.
  • Identify the types of machine guards and safety devices you may encounter on machinery.
  • Follow machine guarding best practices to protect yourself from injury.
  • Prevent accidental start-up during maintenance and repair.

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