Lockout/Tagout for Affected Employees: Refresher

Course Description:

This refresher course will give you the main points to remember about lockout/tagout for affected employees. For more complete information, be sure to take the full-length course.

Course Duration: 9 minutes

Why “Lockout/Tagout for Affected Employees: Refresher” Matters:

  • Compliance with the lockout/tagout standard (29 CFR 1910.147) prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year.
  • Workers injured on the job from exposure to hazardous energy lose an average of 24 workdays for recuperation.
  • According to OSHA, in 2009 lockout/tagout (general industry) ranked number 5 on the top 10 most frequently cited standards list. Lockout/tagout also ranked number 3 on the list of standards for which OSHA assessed the highest penalties.

Key Points:

  • Hazardous energy is dangerous and deadly. Failure to lock out equipment is a leading cause of death and injury in the workplace.
  • Lockout/tagout procedures must be used whenever unexpected start-up or stored energy release could occur.
  • Be sure to observe lockout/tagout rules and leave all devices in place while equipment is being serviced, maintained, or repaired, and wait for instructions from authorized employees before using equipment.
  • Verify that equipment is safe to operate following lockout/tagout.

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