Lean Project Management

Course Description:

This session will guide you through a variety of topics that will help you understand the main principles of lean project management. By the time the session is over, you should understand the concepts of eliminating waste, creating value, executing faster, and creating a sense of accomplishment among your project team.

Course Duration: 25 minutes

Why “Lean Project Management” Matters:

Your organization, as lean management cuts costs and improves quality and speed;

Your employees—it gives them increased job satisfaction, as they are rewarded for their input, ingenuity, and hard work; and

Ultimately, your customers, by cutting costs and improving the finished product.

Key Points:

  • The goal of lean is to create a better product by creating more value and eliminating waste in all its forms.
  • Be wary of the different types of project waste and recognize when they occur.
  • Don’t overcommit to burdensome projects. Stay focused on short-term results and keep your options open.
  • Using sometimes simple techniques to improve project flow will help you recognize and eliminate wasteful activities.
  • Constant hands-on management will only serve to break your project’s flow.
  • Lean project management will increase job satisfaction.
  • Remember: Easier, better, faster, and cheaper!

A Complete Training Solution:

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