Lead Safety in Construction

Course Description:

You have the right and the responsibility to know about the hazards of lead and the proper procedures for protecting yourself and co-workers from exposure or harm. We’ll discuss lead in your work areas, how to identify lead hazards, and how to protect yourself from those hazards.

Course Duration: 31 minutess

Why “Lead Safety in Construction” Matters:

  • Lead overexposure is a leading cause of workplace illness.
  • The health hazards of lead exposure are well-documented.
  • The more likely health hazard is the result of long-term exposure to low levels of lead.

Key Points:

At the completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify lead hazards at construction sites.
  • Recognize the health effects and symptoms of lead exposure.
  • Recall the requirements that apply when employee lead exposure is at or above the action level and/or permissible exposure limit, or PEL.
  • Describe required medical surveillance.
  • Explain what air monitoring is and why it’s required.

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