Introduction to Rough Terrain Forklift Safety (Spanish)

Course Description:

Rough terrain forklifts are a special class of forklifts, known as Class 7 powered industrial trucks, that are designed to carry heavy loads safely indoors and outdoors on rugged and sloped surfaces and in adverse weather conditions. This presentation will review the hazards and explain what you can do to prevent accidents and injuries when operating these lift trucks. The course does not cover vehicles used for earth-moving or over-the-road hauling.

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Why “Introduction to Rough Terrain Forklift Safety (Spanish)” Matters:

  • Although rough terrain forklifts are versatile and extremely useful, they can also be hazardous in a number of ways.
  • OSHA reports that about 35,000 serious injuries are caused annually by forklift accidents and many more lesser injuries.
  • In addition to injuries, forklift accidents frequently cause expensive damage to materials and structures.
  • Most rough terrain forklift accidents are the result of operator error.

Key Points:

  • Before operating a rough terrain forklift, you should always conduct a brief but careful inspection of the equipment.
  • Never operate a rough terrain forklift unless you are trained and authorized.
  • You must know how to safely load, unload, and drive a rough terrain forklift to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • You must understand stability principles related to forklifts and the environments they are operated in.
  • An incorrectly loaded forklift is unstable and could tip over or drop its load.

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