Interrupting Unconscious Bias for Supervisors in the Healthcare Industry

Course Description:

Unconscious bias (also known as implicit bias) can hurt morale, productivity, and innovation when it happens among employees. When it sneaks into critical workplace personnel and management decisions, it can be costly for your company in terms of lawsuits and discrimination charges. This course will benefit all managers, supervisors, and workplace leaders who are tasked with recruiting, hiring, and evaluating performance. Building on the concepts and strategies presented in “Recognizing and Overcoming Unconscious Bias,” this course offers strategies for eliminating unconscious bias from personnel decisions and how to recognize and counteract microaggressions that often stem from unconscious bias. After completing this course, supervisors should be able to identify their own unconscious biases and “interrupt” them when making critical personnel management decisions.

• Recognize how unconscious biases could be costly for your company;
• Identify and avoid common patterns, stereotypes, and biases that can affect workplace decisions related to recruiting, hiring, and employee performance evaluations;
• Identify and address your own unconscious biases and how they manifest in your daily interactions with employees;
• Identify and adopt strategies for making fair and objective personnel decisions