How to Prevent and Respond to Bullying at Work

Course Description:

This session helps trainees understand why workplace bullying is a problem, how to recognize it, what motivates bullying behavior, common characteristics of bullies, steps that can help prevent bullying at work, and what to do if the employee is bullied or witnesses bullying.

Course Duration: 31 Minutes

Why “How to Prevent and Respond to Bullying at Work” Matters:

A survey by the nonprofit Workplace Bullying Institute indicates that bullying is a widespread issue in the workplace involving as many as half the American workforce in one way or another. Here are some of the highlights from the survey:

  • 35% of workers have experienced bullying firsthand.
  • 15% of workers have witnessed bullying.
  • 62% of bullies are men.
  • 68% of bullying is same-gender harassment.
  • Women bullies target women in 80% of cases.
  • Bullying is four times more common than illegal sexual or racial harassment.

Key Points:

  • Bullying is unacceptable and abusive behavior.
  • Bullying at work hurts everyone.
  • Take a stand and speak out against bullying.
  • Report all incidents.
  • Respect others and insist on respectful treatment in return.

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