Hiring Legally for Healthcare

Course Description:

This training session focuses on hiring legally in the healthcare industry. During this session, we’ll discuss how to evaluate job applicants based on job-related criteria and how to conduct all phases of the hiring process to avoid discrimination. We’ll also discuss the importance of various fair employment laws and why handling all aspects of your hiring practice fairly and appropriately will go a long way to improving the success of your organization.

Course Duration: 26 minutes

Why “Hiring Legally for Healthcare” Matters:

  • The competition for quality healthcare employees is fierce.
  • Mining for those employees who will be your gold nuggets of the future is called sourcing.Healthcare organizations of all sizes implement a variety of new processes and procedures to attract the best and brightest new employees and to make sourcing, hiring, and onboarding more effective.

    Choosing the best candidates from those that you interview may be the most important hiring decision you make.

Key Points:

  • Good hiring practices can eliminate or reduce many legal risks, reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve morale.
  • Poor hiring decisions can result in high turnover, excessive training, missed opportunities, and unhappy customers.
  • Turnover not only affects employee morale but may also affect how patients view your facility.
  • In the healthcare industry, the sensitive nature of working with patients makes the hiring procedure particularly important.

A Complete Training Solution:

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