HAZWOPER: Donning, Doffing, and Decontamination

Course Description:

When responding to incidents involving hazardous substances, it’s often necessary for response personnel to wear self-contained breathing apparatuses and fully encapsulating suits to protect against toxic environments during the decontamination process. A routine of donning and doffing your suit must be established and practiced frequently. In this session, we will teach you the basics of donning and doffing and go over the important procedures of the decontamination process.

Course Duration: 32 minutes

Why “HAZWOPER: Donning, Doffing, and Decontamination” Matters:

Correct donning, doffing, and decontamination procedures are crucial to the health and safety of all who come into direct and indirect contact with your worksite. These procedures are important because they save lives—approximately 50,000 injuries and illnesses and 125 deaths occur from exposure to hazardous chemicals every year. They reduce the risk of exposure, such as inhaling toxic substances; they prevent the spread of contamination throughout the worksite from exposed workers, PPE, instruments, and equipment; they help prevent the mixing of incompatible chemicals; and they protect the community by preventing uncontrolled transportation of contaminants from the site.

Key Points:

  • Have a plan for decontamination, and execute it flawlessly.
  • Know your zones, and be proactively aware of the hazards that surround you and your corresponding actions.
  • Make sure you receive comprehensive training on all aspects of the decontamination process at your worksite.
  • Consult all your resources regarding the safe handling of the hazardous materials you are dealing with, and seek expert advice if you have any questions.
  • Always follow procedures!

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