Hazmat Transportation: Hazardous Materials Table

Course Description:

The Hazardous Materials Table is an essential part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s, or DOT, hazardous materials, or hazmat, regulations. Understanding the table and knowing how to use it effectively helps ensure safe transport of hazmat and compliance with the regulations. The Hazardous Materials Table lists some 3,000 hazmat alphabetically by proper shipping name. The table provides you with the information needed to complete shipping papers, mark and label hazmat packages, select appropriate placarding, and perform other transportation-related duties in compliance with the regulations. The main objective of this session is to explain how to use the Hazardous Materials Table to find essential information about the hazmat transportation requirements.
Course Duration: 28 minutes

Why “Hazmat Transportation: Hazardous Materials Table” Matters:

  • Comprehend the purpose and importance of the Hazardous Materials Table.
  • Identify the hazmat to be transported in the table’s alphabetical list of proper shipping names.
  • Locate information in the table necessary for safe transportation of hazmat.
  • Recognize codes and symbols found in the table.
  • Use the table to help ensure compliance with the HMR.

Key Points:

  • Knowledge of the Hazardous Material Table is essential.
  • The table includes information necessary for safe packaging and transportation.
  • You must be able to locate and understand the information provided in the table.

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