Hazardous Waste Safety in the Laboratory

Course Description:

Hazardous waste safety—what you need to know to make sure that safety is not compromised in any operations involving these materials in the laboratory

Course Duration: 40 minutes

Why “Hazardous Waste Safety in the Laboratory” Matters:

Identify the elements of hazardous wastes in your lab Find information on the dangers of hazardous substances Recognize overexposure signs and symptoms of chemicals Contain, store, label, and ship hazardous wastes properly Protect yourself through BMPs, PPE, control measures, and safe work practices

Key Points:

The main points covered in this training session include:

  • Hazardous wastes pose significant risks to workers, the public, and the environment.
  • Knowledge of the material and the hazard it presents is the first step in remaining safe.
  • The hazards posed by waste materials can be contained through control measures and safe work practices.
  • Hazardous wastes are tracked from “cradle to grave” to keep their hazards contained.

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