Hazardous Materials Transportation

Course Description:

Today, we’re going to talk about the safe transportation of hazardous materials, which are also referred to as HAZMAT. The Department of Transportation, or DOT, says that most incidents involving the release of hazardous materials are the result of human error. This means that most incidents can be prevented if you know proper safety procedures and follow the requirements of the HAZMAT transportation regulations. The more you know about how to transport hazardous materials, the safer you’ll be personally and the safer the shipments you’re involved with will be, as well.

Course Duration: 37 minutes

Why “Hazardous Materials Transportation” Matters:

It is critical that you:

  • Recognize and identify hazardous materials;
  • Understand hazmat container markings, labels, and placards;
  • Load and unload hazardous materials safely;
  • Use protective procedures and equipment;
  • Avoid accidents with hazardous materials;
  • Respond to an emergency; and
  • Recognize and respond to security threats.

Key Points:

The main objective of this session is to help your drivers:

  • Recognize and identify hazardous materials
  • Understand shipment markings, labels, placards, documentation, and package requirements
  • Load and unload hazardous materials safety
  • Use personal protective equipment, or PPE, and procedures
  • Avoid accidents with hazardous material shipments

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