Forklifts and Pedestrian Safety (Spanish)

Course Description:

“Many workers who work in or walk through areas where forklifts operate are at risk of serious injury from contact with a forklift. There are simple, safe practices and precautions that pedestrians can take to avoid direct contact and prevent injury.
This course provides information for workers and others who walk in areas where forklifts operate about the hazards of forklifts and safe practices to prevent contact incidents and injuries.
By the end of the training session, you will be able to identify the hazards of working around forklifts, recognize the hazardous conditions and risk factors that contribute to forklift/pedestrian incidents, describe worksite safety controls to protect pedestrians from contact with forklifts, apply safe work practices and precautions while working or walking near forklifts to prevent injury, and report near misses, unsafe conditions, and injuries.”

Course Duration: 19 minutes