Financial Wellness

Course Description:

Personal finance is a challenge for many people. Yet, as an employer, you may not be aware of these personal challenges faced by your employees. As a result, employee financial education is a critical component of any corporate wellness program. Financial literacy can be learned and improved. Financial training that leads to employee financial wellness reduces employee stress and health-related problems. This employee financial wellness training online course teaches trainees about financial planning, effective money management, how to budget, and how to live within one’s means. With these key skills, an employee will be healthier with less stress. A healthy employee is a productive employee.

Course Duration: 28 minutes

Why “Financial Wellness” Matters:

Absenteeism and wasted work time handling personal finances costs employers $450 in lost productivity per financially distressed worker, according to a Virginia Tech study.

Research shows that after effective financial wellness training, 25 percent of workers will improve their productivity, and most of those people turn the corner in the first year (Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation).

When it comes to managing personal finances, many employees lack the basic knowledge and skills to make ends meet.

One in four employees are seriously financially distressed. On average, up to 80 percent of them spend time at work dealing with their personal financial issues, wasting anywhere from 12–20 hours per month.

By integrating financial education with wellness programs, employers can help employees make better decisions about how they spend their healthcare dollars.

Key Points:

This session discusses financial wellness and how to achieve and maintain it. It helps the trainee:

  • Understand the concept of financial wellness.
  • Develop an effective financial plan.
  • Budget successfully.
  • Save and invest wisely.
  • Manage credit and debt well.
  • Handle events and problems that impact financial wellness.

A Complete Training Solution:

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