Excel for Project Management

Course Description:

Learn to create the deliverables of a Project Management Plan in Excel with worksheets including Project Charter, Requirements, Issues, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Risks, and Stakeholder Communication. When all of the information about your project is inside one workbook, you can answer any question, and you’ll always know where to track a new piece of information.


A new requirement identified? Add it to your Requirements sheet. A new stakeholder? Add them to your Stakeholder Communication sheet. Without any additional project management tools, you can track all of the information you need and use Excel features such as linked fields and conditional formatting to create a professional and effective Project Management Plan.


Course Duration: 51 minutes

Key Points:

    • Manage multiple worksheets within one workbook
    • Describe the elements of a Project Charter
    • Create linked fields between worksheets
    • Describe the parts of a clear and concise requirement
    • Insert a table into a worksheet
    • Create a dropdown list for data consistency
    • Negotiate requirements using the triple constraint
    • Add conditional formatting or icons to a column to call attention to important rows
    • Define Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Describe how to split work into work packages
    • Relate requirements to tasks using cross-references
    • Create a pivot table to summarize your task data

Describe the process to identify and manage project risks

  • Prioritize risk management and determine risk response using probability and impact
  • Create summary data at the top of a worksheet
  • Track stakeholder contact information and their communication needs and preferences
  • Filter stakeholder data with slicers to create a project communications plan