EPA Inspections

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to prepare you for EPA inspections. By the time this session is over, you should be able to identify federal and state environmental laws and public acts authorizing inspections; recognize basic features of media-specific and multimedia inspections; interact effectively with government agencies; understand the inspection process; and obtain the best possible outcome from an EPA inspection.

Course Duration: 27 minutes

Why “EPA Inspections” Matters:

Even facilities with good relationships with the EPA and with good compliance histories may get inspected. Although you may not be able to avoid the “knock on the door”, you can avoid being caught in an enforcement trap if you know what to expect and make sure you’re prepared to deal effectively with an EPA inspection. It is critical for you to do everything possible to prepare for and be responsive during all the stages of the inspection process. Your actions may largely determine the impact of the inspection on your business and whether the EPA will pursue an enforcement action.

Key Points:

  • The more you know about EPA inspections, the better prepared you and your management team will be to deal with them.
  • You should have a well-developed strategy for handling inspections, including designating personnel to work with inspectors.
  • Being prepared to respond effectively to EPA inspections protects your rights and improves outcomes.

A Complete Training Solution:

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