Electrical Safety for Unqualified Construction Workers (Spanish)

Course Description:

This session provides information about electrical hazards in the construction industry and best safety practices for “unqualified persons” who may use common portable electrical tools but who are not familiar with the construction and operation of more complex electrical equipment and the hazards involved. “Unqualified” means that you are not specifically trained and authorized to work on or near energized electrical equipment and wiring. This session will teach you how important it is to work safely with electrical tools and around exposed, energized electrical equipment.

Course Duration: 21 minutes

Why “Electrical Safety for Unqualified Construction Workers (Spanish)” Matters:

At the completion of this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the hazards of electricity.
  • Avoid common electrical hazard exposures on construction sites.
  • Follow safe work practices to avoid electrical hazards.
  • Respond appropriately to incidents involving electrical hazards.

Key Points:

  • Exposure to electricity is dangerous—it can cause electrocution, shock, electric and thermal burns, arc flash and arc blast burns, and secondary injuries such as falls.
  • Watch carefully for possible electrical hazards—for instance, never use damaged tools, cords, or electrical equipment.
  • Always follow safe work practices, including proper emergency response procedures.
  • Always follow our electrical safety program, which is designed to protect you and other workers from electrical hazards.
  • Seek assistance from a qualified person whenever you have any doubt about electrical safety or think there might be an electrical hazard. Too many things can go wrong with electricity for you to take risks.

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