Biosafety in the Laboratory

Course Description:

No one wants to bring a disease home with them from work, but that risk exists for laboratory employees working with biological hazards such as viruses, bacteria, or select agents or toxins, as well blood, bodily fluids, and human tissues. Working with lab animals may also pose the threat of contamination. However, with the proper training and precautions, a lab employee’s safety and that of everyone else the employee comes in contact with can be protected. This training session focuses on biosafety, including the prevention of infections from bloodborne pathogens for laboratory workers.

Course Duration: 27 minutes

Why “Biosafety in the Laboratory” Matters:

Knowledge is always the first step for safe operations. This session ensures that trainees know how to prevent contamination from any biological agents in the workplace, and:

  • Recognize the best sources of information regarding biohazards and know how to access them.
  • Know the special requirements and practices involving bloodborne pathogens and other types of hazards.
  • Prevent contamination through the use of control measures, including using biological safety cabinets, wearing protective clothing, following safe handing procedures, and properly disposing of wastes.

Key Points:

  • Always have the information you need to protect yourself.
  • Biological agents necessitate taking precautions.
  • Follow safety and work procedures.
  • Report and seek medical attention for any exposure.

A Complete Training Solution:

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