Attendance Management: What Supervisors Need to Know

Course Description:

Excessive absenteeism and lateness are serious problems that disrupt operations and negatively affect productivity, quality, and customer service. The objective of this online employment training course is to help managers and supervisors manage attendance effectively. At the end of the training session supervisors will be able to recognize the serious problems created by absenteeism and lateness, identify causes of attendance problems, understand the requirements of our attendance policy, control absenteeism and lateness in your department, and encourage punctuality and good attendance.

Course Duration: 21 minutes

Why “Attendance Management: What Supervisors Need to Know” Matters:

There are missed deadlines when workers are not on the job. Often one missed deadline causes other missed deadlines down the line.

Resentment grows among coworkers who have to step in to make up work for an absent employee. As a result, morale is negatively affected.

Overtime is often needed to make up for the work the absent employees should have been doing.

Departmental productivity drops when employees are absent from work, and quality often suffers as well because coworkers who must pick up the slack may be rushed and develop a negative attitude about having to do extra work.

Customer service is hurt when phones go unanswered or there aren’t enough people on hand to adequately meet customer needs.

Employees with good attendance records may start coming in late or take days off in reaction to excessive absenteeism and lateness on the part of their coworkers. The snowball effect of such a situation can have a serious negative impact on attendance and morale in your department.

Key Points:

  • Absenteeism and lateness have a serious negative impact on the organization.
  • All employees must understand our attendance policy and rules.
  • Always deal with attendance problems promptly and effectively.
  • Encourage punctuality and good attendance through positive reinforcement.

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