Acute Respiratory Illness Pandemics: Prevention and Response

Course Description:

Today, we’re going to talk about how to prepare for acute respiratory illness pandemics. For most healthy adults, seasonal viruses are not generally life-threatening. But as you’ve seen in the news, respiratory disease pandemics, such as those caused by coronaviruses or influenza, are something else. They often involve new strains of viruses to which people have developed no immunity. These kinds of viruses can spread quickly and widely, and they can pose a major global health threat. That’s why you need to know about acute respiratory illness pandemics and how to prepare for them.

Course Duration: 25 minutes

Why “Acute Respiratory Illness Pandemics: Prevention and Response” Matters:

Are acute respiratory illness pandemics really something to worry about? Unfortunately, yes. The likelihood of pandemics has increased over the past century due to increased global travel and changes to land use and the natural environment.
Although there are more advanced treatment options to help people prevent and recover from pandemic illnesses than in the past, such events remain serious and disruptive to everyday life. Pandemics not only pose serious health risks, but they can negatively impact businesses, travel, and community services like police and fire departments and schools. Fortunately, there are several steps to take to prevent, prepare for, and respond to acute respiratory illness pandemics.

Key Points:

At the completion of this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe what a pandemic is
  • Identify types of viruses that can cause acute respiratory illness pandemics and recognize their symptoms
  • Appreciate the risks of infection
  • Prevent the spread of infection
  • Prepare for and address a pandemic at work and at home
  • React responsibly if you get sick