Accident Investigation

Course Description:

As much as you try to prevent them, accidents at work happen. Experts say that 11 workers die on the job every day in the United States— and an additional 5 million are injured over the course of a year. Those are staggering numbers, and we can do something about them.

Course Duration: 17 minutes

Why “Accident Investigation” Matters:

  • Recall why accident investigations are important
  • Review the steps of the accident investigation process
  • Identify the root causes of accidents so they can be prevented in the future
  • Explain how to interview witnesses and collect facts

Key Points:

  • Accidents are preventable events
  • All incidents and accidents should be investigated as soon as they occur
  • Accident investigations help you get to the root cause so they can be prevented in the future
  • Investigations will include interviewing witnesses, collecting facts, and writing a report
  • And remember, accident investigations are an important tool to help you keep your workplace safe. Take them seriously, and always keep safety first