Accident Investigation in California

Course Description:

Accidents in the workplace can be used as an opportunity to prevent future accidents. One of the most important actions you can take is to conduct a thorough investigation of what happened and why.
This course provides information for employees and supervisors in California about the process for conducting an accident investigation, including root cause analysis.
By the end of the course, you will be able to describe the reasons for performing an accident investigation, follow the steps to investigate an accident, and use the information you gather during an accident investigation to find the root cause and implement corrective measures.

Course Duration: 18 minutes

Why “Accident Investigation in California” Matters:

Every year, thousands of workers in the Unites States die on the job, and millions more are injured. These injuries and fatalities are tragic for the victims and their families, as well as costly for employers. But they are preventable.
Investigating accidents and incidents to identify the root cause and correct hazards is a critical step in reducing the number of workers who are killed and injured on the job.
Cal/OSHA’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) rule requires employers to investigate work-related injuries and illnesses, and it is important to train the personnel who are responsible for conducting these incident investigations to ensure that they can do so effectively.

Key Points:

  • Accidents are preventable events, and incident investigations are an important part of prevention.
  • All incidents and accidents should be investigated as soon as they occur.
  • The purpose of an accident investigation is not to place blame but to identify the root cause and implement appropriate corrective measures to prevent future accidents.
  • An investigation consists of interviewing witnesses, collecting facts, and writing a report.
  • Accident investigations are an important tool to help keep your workplace safe.